Java Movie Database 1.40
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Java Movie Database 1.40

Free This Java Movie Database is a great tool for movie lovers
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This Java Movie Database is a great tool for movie lovers. It allows you to create and edit your own database for your movie collection. It includes features such as searching for titles, actors, actresses, producer, directors, alternate versions, behind-the-scenes data, deleted scenes, trivia facts, and credentials of the crew. It also allows you to customize the navigation, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Overall, this is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their movie collection.

Java Movie Database is a Java-based application to search for information about movies, actors, actresses, producer, director and everything related to those.
Currently it counts over 1.577.000 movies and over 1.856.000 actors/actresses.
Beside this base data about movies and performer there is a lot of other data available and supported by the Java Movie Database application like plots, biographies, ratings, goofs and much more.
The difference between the IMDb and JMDB is, that the Java Movie Database is an alternative way to navigate through this information. It can be run on a stand-alone PC just as in a network environment. Another advantage is that you can write your own programs and scripts to use the locally installed database.
The JMDB will import the IMDb textfiles (also called IMDb list files) into the database system for you.


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